An Outdoor Clothes Dryer Saves Space

"Try this outdoor clothes dryer instead. It works!"

If you look in the city, you can benefit from an outdoor clothes dryer. These convenient tools allow you to save precious space in your apartment or condo and still enjoy the benefits of having your own appliances. Many times, having a clothes line up is difficult due to rain and other factors, so you have to get creative. Some have found success by using a parallel umbrella clothesline, which allows you to keep the line up even through rain.

If you don’t have room for all your lines in the backyard, you might consider your basement as another option. It’s possible to have retractable lines indoors that can quite comfortably be left up all the time. Many stores sell these lines. The basement is also an excellent place to place a rack for hanging clothes and storing supplies.

As for the drying machines themselves, the same guidelines that you would use for selecting a regular indoor appliance are applicable. Have your budget in mind first, and then decide how much space you can afford, whether you will need a stackable combo with washer or whether you can place them side by side. Then, choose between gas and electric. The choice is up to you – gasoline appliances are usually cheaper up front but cost more in the long run, while electric are more expensive with the promise of savings down the road. With those things decided, you’re ready to go to the store to make your purchase. There are several quality brands, some of which are more familiar in the indoor space – Maytag, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire. Of course, these manufacturers always make extremely durable and high quality machines that have been known to last for up to 30 years.

Don’t stop looking there, though. Other brands have emerged and are proving to sell very high quality products, such as Sunshine, Whitney Designs, and Breezecatcher. Of these three, Whitney Designs appliances have been getting the best reviews, and they are extremely affordable. You’re probably not going to go wrong with any of the aforementioned companies, though. Also, consider other options that are available. If you plan on taking your appliance with you, you can try a portable drying machine. There are also rotary and no heat drying options.